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The k-wire protector

ChiroKlip is a safe, simple yet effective product to protect patients and staff from injury when using surgical wires. Sterile, and ready to use without specalist tools, ChiroKlip saves time and potential injury. ChiroKlip protects patients and staff from the sharp ends of k-wires.
  • Design

    ChiroKlip is a small butterfly-shaped aluminium cover with an adhesive foam backing. It is designed to fold around the end of a surgical wire or K wire (as a surgical pin guard) and to safely protect the patient and staff from the risk of needlestick injury or re-injury. ChiroKlips smooth profile prevents the patient catching the sharp end of the K wire on clothing, bedclothes, people or other objects.

  • Use

    Simple to use, sterile and requiring no special instruments, ChiroKlip can also be used during surgery to prevent needlestick injury to the surgeon. It provides a sterile, safe and reliable protection from pain, prevents inward migration of the k-wire and can be left in place as long as the k-wire is in use. The single use ChiroKlip also helps in the removal of wires by providing a rigid grip on the wire.

  • Sizing

    ChiroKlip can accomodate k-wire sizes or other orthopaedic pins from 0.5mm to 4.0 mm diameter and once bent around the wire the adhesive will ensure that the klip cannot cause injury to the patient or others. ChiroKlip will be effective for as long as the k-wire is in place, enabling the patient to live life as normally as practical consistent with wound care after their surgery.

  • Sterile

    ChiroKlip is packed into a blister pack in a clean room and sterilised by irradiation with a 5 year shel-life.

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